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Until December 20th Our Best Ever Offers!


The first course in our Career Development Series [ Introduction to TEFL] is now available. It costs just 80 euros and you don’t have to write any essays! Evaluation is entirely by multiple-choice questions. You get a Certificate at the end of the course and until December 20th you also receive our Grammar for Teachers course free of charge!

Special Offers until December 20th

 TEFL 120 Hour Certificate course 110 euros [with free Grammar course]

Teaching Children 110 euros [with free Grammar course]

Diploma in TEFL 110 euros [with free Grammar course]

Grammar Course only 60 euros

You don’t have to begin the course immediately but once enrolled can start at a date to suit you.

Contact Graham for more information. If you want to enrol you can do so here.


In the New Year we will be updating our jobs pages with links to many employers in China and elsewhere.


Host-teachers are ESL qualified and able to give 15-25 lessons (50 minutes each) one-to-one instruction per week, in addition to providing full board accommodation. Host-teachers work for us on a self-employed, part-time basis accepting clients from us if/when convenient and, typically, for 1-4 weeks at a time.
 We are currently recruiting host-teachers and would be pleased to hear from anyone with the required qualifications and appropriate guest accommodation.
Please email [email protected]


 Don't believe anyone who says they can guarantee you a job in TEFL.! Even if you are qualified and experienced you still have to work hard to get employment. In most cases you need a degree in order to get a work permit. A TEFL Certificate will enhance your credibility and employability. Ideally you should do a full-time course such as the CELTA. If you don't have the time or money to do this then an online course will still confer a significant advantage.The longest established and most inexpensive online course is run by Norwood English. Click here for more information.

Contact us at [email protected]


Agents Required

Agents to market TEFL TESOL courses

 Agents to market high quality intensive English homestay courses.

 Excellent commission! Contact Graham [email protected]

 Contact us at [email protected] 


Why not try the inexpensive  Norwood English TEFL Certificate.


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